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[19 Aug 2006|12:03am]
"I'm here tonight to present the award everyone's been waiting for: best movie. Now, this award holds a special place in my heart because next year I'll be winning it for Snakes on a Plane. Now I know, I know that sounds cocky, but I don't give a damn. I am guaranteeing that Snakes on a Plane will win best movie next year. Does not matter what else is coming out. The New James Bond... no snakes in that! Ocean's 13... where my snakes at? Shrek the Third... green, but not a snake. No movie shall triumph over Snakes on a Plane. Unless I happen to feel like making a movie called Mo' Motha-fuckin' Snakes on Mo' Motha-fuckin' Planes."

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Soggy [26 Jun 2006|06:44am]
Accuweather says 6" in the DC Metro area.
CNN says: Evacuations on Eastern Shore.
Even in Texas, it never seemed to rain this hard for
this extended period of time.
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RIP Puck. [06 Mar 2006|09:41pm]

It's strange how even after the number of years I've spent away from MN, and
even the number of years he's been retired, Kirby Puckett is still somewhat
of a hometown hero for me. I remember going to the dome to see Kirby and
Kent Hrbek, and I remeber watching all of those 11th hour world series games
on TV. I wonder if z03 will have a hometeam...the O's?
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[13 Feb 2006|09:09pm]
Wow. No, seriously, Wow.

Video of the future

Based on the bits of info I can quickly gather.
  • Developed at NYU
  • Possibly © by Apple
  • Absolutely wicked interface
  • Where do I sign up for mine, count me in as an "early adopter"

    via BoingBoing
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    I probably should have known better... [30 Sep 2005|08:04am]
    This morning, when I checked the weather, it gave
    me the "all clear" to ride to motorcycle. What I
    didn't account for was the fact that it was 39F°.
    Wow...now that was a brisk ride to work (which for
    the past three days has been 20 minutes away).

    Oh well, at least it will be a really nice ride home!
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    Oh yeah, did I forget to mention: [01 Sep 2005|09:28pm]
    I went for gas this evening and I was met by
    a rude suprise...not only was gas $3.59 (regular)
    I had to go to 4 stations before one even had gasoline
    to buy. The first 3 were OUT of gas.

    Kiss my ass $3.59/gallon!

    Heigh ho moto, AWAY!

    This post would be filtered from _mavrick, but hey, what the heck.
    Come to Maryland and I'll even let you drive ;)
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    [01 Sep 2005|01:22pm]

    1. Obtain access to Internet
    2. ????
    3. Profit
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    [04 Aug 2005|10:39pm]
    New tats for the gals:

    Tree of Life

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    [28 Jul 2005|12:38pm]
    Now I'm LEGAL!

    Update: Ha...that will teach me for posting and walking
    away without chceking it.
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    [MoBlog] - Pit stop [04 Jul 2005|05:45pm]
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    Manager in training [26 Jun 2005|03:35pm]
    Today, I gave Zoë the choice: keep playing cars,
    or help me clean the living room for grandma.

    D: Do you want to clean or play cars?
    Z: I think I want to play cars.
    D: Okay, but please put away your other toys first.
    Z: Now I think I'll help clean. I will sit here
    and watch you clean, and when you get tired, I'll
    say "MORE ENERGY", and you can keep cleaining.

    Next thing I knew she had settled on to the couch with
    her bag of popcorn yelling, "MORE ENERGY"!
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    [MoBlog] - night @ the drive-in [25 Jun 2005|07:53pm]
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    [MoBlog] - yes,it's small even @ 9:00a [08 Jun 2005|09:08am]
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    [MoBlog] - [07 Jun 2005|08:59pm]
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    [MoBlog] - Goodbye cornfield [02 Jun 2005|10:52am]
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    Something out of the ordinary.... [23 Apr 2005|04:13am]
    I would like everyone to click on this link:
    Weather Underground : Purdue University
    Please note that it is currently 36 degrees F.
    Note the date...April 23rd. Tomorrow there
    is a 50% or greater chance of SNOW! I know
    the groundhog saw his shadow...but this is
    freaking ridiculous.
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    [07 Apr 2005|11:34am]
    The end is nigh.
    I just about have this monkey off my back, and then I
    can relax and enjoy the last little bit of the ride.
    It is incredible to see the amount of work that is being
    all over campus as the school year draws to a close.

    For those who want to see: Busy Students All Over Campus

    UPDATE: For those of you who are really cool,
    if you check the very bottom left camera, you will
    probably see me slaving away. That is our
    digital forensics lab. I will be in the lab
    for a little while yet tonight, and then most of
    tomorrow. Post a comment if you see me ;)

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    Wow...now that is some slick advertising [29 Mar 2005|10:52pm]
    Congratulations! You're a seeder!
    "Seeders are unique. Thy're cool, confident,
    independent, active, and hard working. They
    know that eating DAVID® Sunflower Seeds
    makes what they do more enjoyable. Things
    are better with DAVID because they're a snack
    and an activity. Experience SNACKTIVITY.™"

    Yes folks, it's better than chewing tobbacco,
    and you are completely working that load of
    sunflower...it time for some SNACKTIVITY.™

    Eat. Spit. Be Happy.™
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    Any suggestions? [23 Mar 2005|12:44pm]
    Turns out graduation is an expensive event.
    For those of you still curious, I am graduating
    in about 6 weeks. Seems like just recently I
    was telling all of my friends in Dallas that
    I was packing up and heading to Indiana. Now,
    nearly 2 years later, and countless research
    hours later, I am about to walk up on that stage
    again...this time with big, gay hood. My hood
    is going to be citron...seriously, who wants a
    citron hood? So today we fought the crowds of
    undergrads just trying to get our graduation
    packets, tickets, and robes. I have decided that
    this graduation warrants a class ring, so I am
    shopping for that too. Seems like I can get a
    freaking huge one, or one that almost looks too
    small. It is the first time I have ever heard this
    one: (while looking at rings the salesperson chimes
    in without scarcasm) "A class ring is a diploma for your finger!"
    I just want something sliver, sharp and
    clean lines, and sturdy (as I tend to pound on
    things and whack my rings out of shape). Is that
    too much to ask?

    Maybe I should skip the ring and go with something
    a little more 'timely':
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    Another Meme? **GASP** [10 Mar 2005|10:23pm]
    I know...I must be sick.
    This is like the damn-near-impossible "Identify the Band"
    meme that bellemort posted quite a while ago.
    Only this one is movies. I thought it would be cake, but
    I could get exactly 46 (out of 72). Unfortunately, on this
    one, you have to get the titles EXACTLY right, or it shows wrong.
    Worse yet, I have found at least one that was incorrect (#59
    missing a 'the'). But, we had a good time trying to figure out
    all the random pictures.


    Movie Quiz (in .xls)

    via BoingBoing
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